When it comes to panel and paint, getting your car repainted can be overwhelming. At Customs Body Shop, our goal is to make the process as easy as possible.
For paintwork, we've broken it down into three stages to provide a better understanding of the process and what you get for the price. Throughout, we'll guide you with regular updates and photos, and you're always welcome to view your car at any stage of the job.
The price for this stage ranges from $8000 to $10000, depending on the required bodywork. A 20% deposit is required before commencing the work.

The concept here is a street car or a frequently driven vehicle where the customer seeks an almost OEM/Factory finish. The option to change colours isn't available, as this is typically a closed-door respray—painting only the outside and doesn't include the inside door jams, under the bonnet/engine bay, or boot. The process includes correctly stripping the vehicle down, removing glass, mouldings, bumpers, taillights, door handles, mirrors, and any parts covering paintwork. Bodywork and minor repairs necessary to restore the car to factory straightness are also included.

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